Cell-free RNA signatures predict Alzheimer’s disease

Author(s): Cisterna-GarcĂ­a, A; Beric, A; Ali, M; Pardo, JA; Chen, H; Fernandez, MV; Norton, J; Gentsch, J; Bergmann, K; Budde, J; Perlmutter, JS; Morris, JC; Cruchaga, C; Botia, JA; Ibanez, L;
Year: 2023;  
Journal: iScience;  
Volume: 26;  
Issue: 12;  

There is a need for affordable, scalable, and specific blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease that can be applied to a population level. We have developed and validated disease-specific cell-free transcriptomic blood-based biomarkers composed by a scalable number of transcripts that capture AD pathobiology even in the presymptomatic stages of the disease. Accuracies are in the range of the current CSF and plasma biomarkers, and specificities are high against other neurodegenerative diseases.